Entering Grades

This tutorial will highlight some of the key features for entering student grades.

The Basic View

The basics are simple. Once you have created an assignment, just enter grades down the column. You can enter a grade and hit return and move to the next student. Easy eh? Well, let's show you some specific features.

Those three little dots beneath the assignment yield some interesting data.

See performance survey will offer the mean, median, mode and other mathematical marvels about your class. It will also give you some submissions stats because OnCampus is nothing but alliterative.

Bulk assign points allows you to give everyone in the class the same grade. Same for Bulk add comment.

Edit assignment settings lets you go back and change any elements about the assignment.

The World of Exempt, Incomplete, Missing, or Late

If you double click in the box containing a score, you will see the above screen.

Some key ideas to remember.

Clicking Exempt means that the score will not be calculated in the student's grade. Even if you type in a score, that score will not impact the student. So for example, even though Connor has a 15, if I clicked Exempt that grade would not be calculated.

As for the other three boxes...they do impact a student's score. So if I checked Incomplete, that 15 would still impact Connor's grade. They simply provide information to the student and parent about that particular assignment.

The same goes for the comment box. Anything entered there will be viewed by the student and parent.

If you make any changes, be sure to click Save and close when done.

And those are the basics. If you have any confusion, conundrums, or curiosities feel free to talk to someone on Spectrum.