Adding Assignments

An overview of how to add assignments

1. Click on +Add Assignments

1. Click on +Add Assignments

2. Assignment Window: Part 1

2. Assignment Window Part 1

Since the the Assignment window is very long, let's break this into two parts.

Assignment Window: Part 2

1. The abbreviation only appears on the grid where you enter grades. Students and parents do not see this. The limit is ten characters. Sometimes I just copy the title into this field. It will edit it down to ten characters automatically.

2. Point value for the assignment.

Assignment Window: Part 3

1. This is open to interpretation. You can enter the assigned date or simply have it be the date due.

2. Date the assignment was due to be turned in. This is an important field when tracking late assignments.

3. You have three choices and one is a bit odd. Now means you just enter the assignments and they are immediately available. This is the most typical. Assigned Date would post the grade on the date assigned, which is a bit odd if you think about it too much. No, well, means no. Why would you use this? Well, you might have presentations lasting a week. You don't want the grades to appear each day but want to wait until everyone has presented. So select No but be sure to select Now when you have finished the presentations.

4. If you teach more than one section, they will be listed here. You can tailor what you need for each course you teach.

And that's the basic set up for creating assignments.