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The Teacher's Toolbox: Top classroom management apps (Summary)

Make the classroom sooo much easier to keep track of by checking out these awesome tools.

1. Smart Seat

Smart Seat is a handy app that lets you easily set up a seating chart and make adjustments later. It also has a "group" tool you can use to create partners or groups with the touch of a button.

1. Make the chart work for your room layout.

2. Set up partner/groups in a snap.

2. Classcards

Classcards is a simple app that lets you randomly call on students or keep track of students completing classroom activities.

3. Socrative

Socrative is a clicker app: You ask a question, students respond in writing, you see all of their answers at once. Fast, easy formative assessment.

4. Showbie

Showbie is an app that lets you create and collect/grade assignments. Very easy to use.

1. Shows you how many students you've graded so far.

2. Shows how many students have turned in an assignment.

5. Apple Classroom

5. Apple Classroom

Want to make sure your students are exactly where you want them to be on their iPad? Focus them from your iPad anytime with Apple Classroom.


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