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Duplicating a Summer Reading Test

I'd recommend opening this document on your iPad so you don't have to jump back and forth between screens on your computer.

Step 1: Login to ExamSoft and Click on Assessments

Step 1: Login to ExamSoft and Click on Assessments

Step 2: Click on '+' Next to Summer Reading Test

Step 2: Click on '+' Next to Summer Reading Test

Once you click on the "--  Summer Reading Tests" (1), it will reveal the summer reading tests (2).

Click on the appropriate test (2).

Step 3: Duplicating a Test

Once you have clicked on the test, a new window will open up. On the left you will see a series of boxes and on the right a list of all the questions. Do not alter any of these elements. No need to worry about these items.

Scroll to the bottom and click on Duplicate. Remember to always click on Duplicate.

Step 4: Save to Your Folder

Once you click Duplicate, it will open a new window with, you guessed it, a duplicate of the summer reading test.

So before you do anything, let's get this duplicated test into your one of your folders. Click on Change Folder and keep clicking until you get to one of your classes. I recommend that you put the test in a folder that has your name. If you teach a singleton class, you can save it to that folder.

Step 5: Naming the Test

Step 5: Naming the Test

If you only teach one section of juniors, you can simply keep the name.

If you teach two or more section, I recommend deleting 'Copy of' and adding the period at the end. Ex. Junior Elective Summer (6).

Remember, you will need to duplicate this test for each section you teach. So adding the period at the end will keep them all neatly in your folder.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

If you just finished renaming this duplicated test, then just duplicate it one more time (click Duplicate on the bottom of the page) if you have multiple sections. It will automatically save to the same folder. Add the next period, scroll to the bottom, and click Save again.

Step 6: Posting the Test to Your Classes

Step 6: Posting the Test to Your Classes

So big step with tons of info. Away we go...

1. Create a password.

2. Click on Only Show My Courses and then select your course.

3. Download Start: For summer reading...whatever day you are doing this.

4. Download End: I make this a week after the test is administered. Reason? In case a student is absent or any one of a number of issues.

5. Type your last name.

6. Email download reminder. You can...although this might freak students out since you are doing this before you've even met them.

7. When you are ready, click on Post Assessment. No part of the test can be changed after you click this button.

You will need to repeat this process for each period you teach. post away and reward yourself with a delicious refreshing beverage.