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Hot Potatoes Free Quiz Service:

Free Online File Conversion:

Wiki Markup cheat sheet, allows you to format your wiki:

!!! is a Big heading

!! is a sub heading

! is the smallest heading

* gives you a bullet

**indents the bullet

#numbers your work

[ ] whatever is encased in the brackets will become a link to a new wiki

'' two single quotation marks on either side of a word or phrase makes it italic

| this is called a pipeline it is above the return key and allows you to make specific words a link. For example if you want wikipedia to be a link to a wikipedia site. You would write [wikipedia |] and then the only thing that would show up on the wiki is Wikipedia and you can click it to open a new link.

HTML Code to unlink a glossary term:

<span class="nolink"> ... text goes here ... </span>


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