By: Katherine Wesmiller

There are 4 types of Forums:

Single Simple Discussion--The entire forum appears on 1 page. The first posting, at the top of the page, is the topic of the forum. This topic is usually created by the teacher. The students then post replies under this topic. A single-topic forum is most useful for short, highly-focused discussions.

Standard--In a standard forum, anyone can start a new topic. Teachers and students can create new topics and reply to existing postings.

Each Person Posts One Discussion--Each student can create one and only one new topic. Everyone can reply to every topic.

Q and A--This is like a single-topic forum, in that the teacher creates the topic for the forum. Students then reply to that topic. However, a student cannot see anyone else's reply until (s)he has posted a reply. The topic is usually a question posed by the teacher, and the students' replies are usually answers to that question.

Select Activity

Select Activity

1. Click on "Add an Activity"

2. Choose Forum


Create the type and question

1. Name the forum--this is what the students will see on the home page

2. Choose your forum type

3. Enter your question or forum topic--make sure you are detailed enough with what you would like your students to do

4. Choose whether or not you want your students to receive an e-mail every time someone adds to the forum. (Remember this could mean your students are receiving over 30 e-mails from one forum)


Extra choices

1. If you have set up and are using the grade book you can decide how you want to grade your forum.

2. Blocking allows you to limit the number of posts students can make within a designated time.

3. If you have not preset your course to divide every activity by separate groups you can choose to allow your students to only see their classmates posts or all of the students enrolled in your classes to see the posts.

4. Save and return to course or save and see what you have created.

If you click on Save and Display you will get the following screen


Updating your forum

1. You can see your students' responses by class or all together

2. Allows you to edit the forum

3. You can subscribe to the forum so that you can get an e-mail whenever a student responds

4. This is the button the students will click to add a new topic.



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