By: Katherine Wesmiller

Activity variety

Activity variety

Choose the ? to find out what each of these activities does.

Quiz: Allows you to make tests and then it grades the test

Hot Potatoes: This is a software which can be downloaded from The files you create there can be imported into the question bank or used within MyMitty

Lesson: Lesson is a tool for creating action mazes: the ideal device for exploring scenarios and for interactive case studies. It allows you to create different paths so depending on your student's choice they could be led in different directions. You can also make flash cards using lessons.

Wiki: Wiki means quick and it allows users to work on documents collaboratively (similar to Google Docs). You can also see who edited and changed what and when. You can have them write journals, do outlines, research, anything you can think of to have them do online where the teacher and student can edit it.

Glossary: The teacher and students can create glossary entries and can be configured so whenever a word appears on your MyMitty site it will be highlighted so that you can click on it and see the glossary entry. It does not just have to be terms it can be a language dictionary, glossary of websites, have students write quiz questions (you can then export the questions and import them into your quiz bank), and have terms students need to understand when they are writing.

Choice: Allows students to vote or choose an activity. For example the teacher can take a poll, ask students to choose sides in a debate, confirm the students' understanding of an agreement, and gather consent.



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